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Consumer Installment Loans

Consumer installment loan offers financial solution for people who need more cash than a typical payday loan, to help with their short-term financial needs. Our loan terms are longer than payday loans and you can borrow more cash with an installment loan. Our installment loans impose no restrictions on the use of cash and can be used for paying utility bills, credit card dues, phone bills, rent or mortgage payments, grocery bills, and medical bills. Depending upon your credit, you may get a better interest rate and lower fees on installment loans as compared to payday loans. Once your loan application is approved, money will be electronically deposited in your checking or saving account. Once you receive your money, you simply make regular installment payments until your balance and any associated fees and interest charges are paid off. Your payment will be the same for the entire duration of your loan provided you make payments on time. As you make installment payments, your payment will be deducted on your payment dates.

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